Ultra Pro Toploader Combo (25pcs)

Ultra Pro Toploader Combo (25pcs)

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The Toploader Combo is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable trading cards. This comprehensive set includes everything you need for secure storage and archiving in one convenient package. The kit features a clear, easy-to-use storage box made from archival-safe polypropylene material, ensuring your cards stay protected from environmental factors.

This combo pack comes with 25 card sleeves and 25 regular 3″ x 4″ toploaders, specifically designed for standard-sized trading and sports cards. The clear, see-through walls of the storage box allow for quick identification of its contents, making it easy to locate the right collection when you need it. Additionally, the box features a write-on strip at the top, enabling you to label and easily identify different sets of cards.

Sized to accommodate Toploaders and ONE-TOUCHES ranging from 35pt to 360pt thickness, the storage box offers flexibility for different card types. It can hold up to 30 Ultra PRO 3″ x 4″ Toploaders or 20 Thick 100pt Toploaders, providing ample space for your collection. The box is designed with a header and a self-locking lid, ensuring secure storage and easy access.

Please note, ONE-TOUCH holders and collectible cards are not included in this combo. This Toploader Combo is an ideal choice for collectors who seek a comprehensive and reliable solution for storing and protecting their standard-sized trading and sports cards.

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