Miraidon EX League Battle Deck – Pokémon cards

Miraidon EX League Battle Deck – Pokémon cards

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The Miraidon ex League Battle Deck was the first League Battle Deck to be released for the Scarlet & Violet Series. It featured multiples of Miraidon ex, Regieleki V, and Regieleki VMAX—key cards of the Miraidon ex archetype, which was popular during 2023-24 Standard format. Combined with an array of cards supporting Miraidon’s Tandem Drive Ability and other useful Trainer cards, the Play Level 3 deck provided an effective base for prospective players.

Miraidon EX League Battle Deck includes:


  • a pre-built 60-card playable deck full of powerful cards
  • card storage box
  • dice and damage counters
  • 1 competition die for coin toss
  • 2 coins to mark special states
  • strategy sheet
  • code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

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