Top 5 Cards from Silver Tempest!

Hello everyone! This is Elena from Gaia Storm TCG, and it is a pleasure to be here again, especially because today we will be analyzing some of the top cards from our new set Silver Tempest. However, there is a small disclaimer I need to make before we go into the countdown. Right now, when […]

Elena Gaia Storm TCG8 Nov 2022

Hello everyone! This is Elena from Gaia Storm TCG, and it is a pleasure to be here again, especially because today we will be analyzing some of the top cards from our new set Silver Tempest. However, there is a small disclaimer I need to make before we go into the countdown. Right now, when I am writing this article, there is no official set list, so we need to speculate a little. There are some cards that I decided to leave out as it is not clear if they will come in SIlver Tempest or not. But that being said, let’s check the top 5 cards for the new expansion and why you should get them as soon as possible!

5. V-Guard Energy

v guard energy

It is a bit uncommon to include a card that is not a Pokémon or an Item in a top 5 list but in this case; I think V-Guard energy deserves it. When the Pokémon that has one V-Guard Energy attached receives a hit from a V Pokémon, it takes 30 damage less. They say the best defence is a good offence, but sometimes the reverse is also true. A couple of Pokémon can benefit from V-Guard energy, like Lugia (Keep reading to check that it does) and Arceus VSTAR. With this unique energy attached to them and maybe a Radiant Gardevoir on the bench, their HP suddenly becomes 340, making it almost impossible for other Pokémon to knock them out in one hit. While I don’t think V-Guard Energy will be played in every deck, it can certainly make an impact and benefit decks that can spam healing cards and rely on two attacks to KO an opponent’s Pokémon.

4. Regieleki VMAX

Regileki VMAX

I find it very funny that we’ve had to wait several sets to finally get a Regieleki card that has free retreat (which should always be the case because it is the fastest Pokémon in the entire videogame franchise), but anyways, zero retreat cost is not its only good trait. Regieleki VMAX is a lightning-type Pokémon with an ability that provides 30 additional damage to every basic lightning Pokémon you attack with. Another essential thing to notice here is that if you have multiple Regieleki in the field, their ability stack. The card that immediately comes to my mind as the best Regieleki partner is Vikavolt V. Vikavolt has a decent attack whose only problem is the low-damage input. However, if you have 2 Regieleki VMAX on the field, Vikavolt is dealing 110 and stopping your opponent from playing any item cards. Sounds scary. Apart from Vikavolt, I am sure players will find some interesting uses, maybe combining it with Raikou V or other future basic attackers, so Regieleki is definitely a card to keep an eye on.

3. Forest Seal Stone


For many reasons, I am in love with this card, and I want to test it. Forest Seal of Stone is an exceptional tool card because it grants VSTAR power to the V Pokémon it is attached to, and when you use it, you can search for every card in your deck and put it into your hand. Now, it is true that this card is not going to be played in every kind of deck because there are many strategies out there that already have their main VSTAR ability. Arceus, Giratina or Palkia VSTAR, to name a few, can not use their VSTAR movements.

But Forest Seal Stone is a massive addition for Pokemon TCG decks that didn’t use one before. The main deck that comes to my mind is, of course, Mew VMAX. You can attach this tool to a benched Genesect V and get something you need, ensuring you always have a way out. I am sure there would be more options and more use cases players will find with time.

2. Lugia VSTAR

Lugia VSTAR silver tempest

Lugia is probably the card that players are hyping the most. I also have to say that I want to test it out because it has potential. Lugia is a colourless-type Pokémon with a massive 280 HP with one attack and one ability. At first sight, the attack does not look broken at first sight since it costs four energies (a pretty significant number) and only deals 220 damage. Now, the ability is what makes Lugia exciting and potentially deadly. Assemble Star lets you pick two non-rule boxes of colourless Pokémon from your discard pile and put them directly into your bench. Of course, this is a great advantage because we can select Stages 1 or even Stages 2, regardless of their playing requirements. The most repeated target for this ability will be Archeops, which also comes in this set.

Being a fossil Pokémon, Archeops requires a lot of effort to be played, but luckily for us, it can now hit the field in turn two, thanks to Lugia’s ability. Now, Archeops can accelerate Special Energy cards into your board every turn, something that is game-changing considering the number of powerful energy cards we have available in the Standard format. For example, you can use Archeops to power up Lugia in one turn with two Double Turbo Energy. Or, if you have two Archeops, you might want to attach 4 Powerful energies and use Lugias’s attack to eradicate everything on the field! I clearly see Lugia Archeops becoming an archetype as soon as Silver Tempest becomes legal. My only question is what will be the exact 60 cards and whether Lugia will be played offensively or defensively.

1. Serena


If I am not mistaken, this is the first time we are getting a Serena card in the Pokémon TCG, and oh boy, it definitely lives up to the expectations! Serena is a supporter card that offers the player a lot of flexibility. You can either discard up to 3 cards in your hand to draw until you have five or put an opponent V Pokémon from the bench into the active position. While I don’t think this card will completely replace Boss’s Orders, it can be useful in certain situations. If the metagame continues to be as it is now (with V Pokémon playing a crucial role in every deck), then Serena has the potential to become a staple card. Something you need to remember, however, is that Serena’s power is bound to end soon. Once the Scarlet and Violet era begins, the EX Pokémon are expected to take over, and they will be immune to Serena. However, because of how useful the card can be and its different options, I think Serena deserves to be in the 1st position for the time being!


And with that, we reach the end of our particular top 5. Do you agree with my choices? Is there a card you want to try above the rest? It is clear that Silver Tempest is a fantastic new set that will for sure impact the game as soon as it is officially released. Here, we have analyzed some of the most promising new cards but don’t hesitate to pre-order the booster boxes and other Silver Tempest products you need here at TCG Park, so get them before you leave the site! Thanks for reading!

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