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Astral Radiance tcg park blog

Astral Radiance Set Review

Hello everyone! This is Elena from Gaia Storm TCG, and it is great to be here once again. I am sure you all know the success that Pokemon Legends of Arceus had when released last y...
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Best Decks March Pt.1

Best Decks March 2022 Pt.1

A New World What’s poppin’ TCG Park readers? Have you been enjoying our new format filled with awesome decks from Brilliant Stars? I certainly have and this article serv...
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Brilliant Stars Set Review

Brilliant Stars Set Review

Hello everyone! My name is Elena from Gaia Storm TCG, and I am beyond excited to share my first article here at TCG Park with you. I have been playing Pokémon Trading Card Game for...
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Intro to the Pokemon TCG

Intro to the Pokemon TCG

Welcome to the Game Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon - an amazing place filled with happy Pikachu flocking around and in this case, many great Pokemon TCG cards to look at...
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rediscovering jolteon vmax tcg park

Rediscovering Jolteon VMAX

Hello TCG Cards people! What’s poppin’ TCG Park? I’m here to write my first article for this awesome website and help our community learn more about the Pokemon TCG! Since this is ...
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